Workplace Violence Prevention – Security Consulting Services

Nater Associates Ltd. takes a practical, common-sense approach to Workplace Violence Prevention & Workplace Security Consulting. The objective is the design of an organizational response to workplace violence, workplace violence prevention and active shooter quality training (violence response) through an informed workforce.  To accomplish this organizational response Robust, Agile and Proactive (RAP) Violence Interdiction Method engages leaders appropriately in developing policies, plans, procedures, and customized training in alignment with company policies. The organizational response will achieve alignment through a trained workforce in aspects of workplace violence, workplace violence prevention, violence response protocols (active shooter) and workplace security in developing and ensuring institutional knowledge and capability. The training methodology will integrate the OSHA 4 Categories of Workplace Violence, OSHA Definitions and OSHA Expectations and the ASIS/SHRM Workplace Violence Prevention Standard.  In the end management commitment and employee involvement will play an integrated coordinated violence prevention, and risk mitigation violence response that will ensure quality execution.  A deep dive performed by the critical workplace violence prevention assessment provides insight into the workplace violence prevention, and workplace security posture. The focus will result in a top-down program management assessment that identifies gaps & vulnerabilities and offers SWOT recommendations promoting workforce trust and confidence in management’s ability to provide for their safety and security.


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The following services are designed by Nater Associates, Ltd. with the Client in mind:

  • Workplace Violence Prevention Consulting establishes clarity and understanding through the Executive Briefing that defines the project objectives and establishes mutual expectations. The workplace violence prevention assessment will gather and evaluate information that will sustain the magnificent work already being done and create opportunities to enhance, and improvement of the current posture. The educational focus will be on learning that leverages greater understanding of workplace violence, workplace violence prevention, violence response by creating institutional knowledge in how best to prevent and manage threats posed by current and former employees, customers, patients & clients, criminal activity, active assailant and the intimate partner workplace spillover.  The goal will be establishment of organizational response that addresses concerns proactively, efficiently and effectively. Leadership will play a significant irole in creating a Robust, Agile, Proactive (RAP) Violence Interdiction Method mindset using the ASIS/ SHRM Workplace Violence Prevention Standard as the baseline.

  • Workplace Security Consulting Services supports the workplace violence prevention plans & policy and workplace security plans by evaluating the security posture, security management practices, and security technology application and needs.  Prevention and security strategy, plans, procedures and technology are reviewed around efficiency, towards leveraging and enhancing workplace security and workplace prevention capabilities.
  •  Situational Awareness and Workplace Violence Prevention Training are intentionally designed to create learning and sustained understanding of what constitutes workplace violence, workplace violence prevention, violence response, workplace security and personnel risk mitigation measures. Training will be specific to the organizational needs and the types of threats the workforce is likely to encounter. The goal is to achieve a reliable level of credibility & trust in training that is workforce and worksite specific.
  • Incident Assessment and Litigation Support Services provides organizations a higher level of technical suuport including independent review, guidance, and assistance during and/or at the conclusion of any threat or incident assessment. It offers telephonic or onsite risk abatement assessment measures and recommendations. And includes Third-party review of management investigations in special situations requiring independent review.
  • Coaching, Facilitation and Advisory Services provide confidential assistance, guidance, and support to the organization’s leadership team in managing the workplace violence prevention program, workplace security, emergency action plans, crisis management and business continuity policy and plans before, during and after an emergency.
  • Program Management Support Services provides the organization a Consultant on Retainer Services to support existing workplace violence prevention, workplace security, operational security, and training; to include implementation of prioritized security assessment recommendations, personnel security measures, and identify best technology needs.


Assessing and evaluating workplace violence prevention, physical security, visitor management, active shooters, suicidal violence prevention, domestic violence, bomb or arson threats, armed robbery, and suspicious mail or packages

Assessing and evaluating the worksite specific environments to identify at risk situations.

Identifying threats to worker safety and recommend changes or improvements to reduce risk to workers, and others.

Assisting implement changes or improvements to increase and enhance workplace security posture.

Reviewing existing workplace violence prevention, security, threat, crisis, and emergency preparedness in support of an active shooter incident or other situation.

Training all employees on relative aspects of workplace violence, workplace violence prevention, violence response (active shooter) and situational awareness.

Aiding in conducting workplace violence incident and litigation support in Arbitration, EEO and other administrative proceedings.

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