Security Consulting Solutions

At Nater Associates, Ltd. every business discussion is a conversation with Felix Nater, the owner. I will ask the questions, and listen intently to ensure I understand you understand what you want and need. Whether it is training support or a consulting project you can expect my undivided attention.  If you are trying to buy what every one is selling, do not be surprised if I discoourage you.  The objective is to give you knock your socks off service.  You obviousy want the best and together we can work at it. But, do not ask me to let you spend your money because you think it is economical.  A penny wise today is being a pound foolish tomorrow.  The complimentary consultation is the conversation we started out with, it will give you a clear sense of what you can look forward to.  If you agree, the first step in our relationship will be the workplace violence prevention assessment and diagnosis, you will know all you need to know about your security posture and your workplace violence prevention posture. After I finish, you will receive a detailed report with  findings and recommendations. If interested, I will partner with your Team to help implement your priority  recommendations. And if you want to do it alone, the assessment establishes a baseline from which you can implement the recommendations and design your prevention program. If you like, I can help you find the best there is to train your workforce and implement my recommendations.

“…Felix was successful in communicating to stakeholders and creating productive teams because he listens. He learns the organizations culture and operational environment and uses that information to draw soound effective procedures. He understands what works best for his client.” Gary Thompson, Security Director

If you decide to retain my services beyond the assessment, I will introduce you to the Nater Model called the Violence Interdiction Strategy a consulting process I use to help address your specific and longterm workplace violence prevention program and shaping your mindset.  Together we will create a unique partnership paradigm that sets your approach and mindset apart in today’s increasingly demanding workplace security challenges.

To get there, Nater Associates, Ltd. applies a practical, pragmatic holistic approach in helping manufacturing, processing & production firms arrive at efficient, cost-effective workplace violence prevention and workplace security training and consulting solutions. Together we work towards creating a culture of organizational commitment & senior management investment. A robust, agile and proactive (RAP) response Violence Interdiction Strategy (VIM) around OSHA’s Workplace Violence Prevention Elements and the OSHA 4 Categories of Violence. The goal of the strategy is to work together to prevent and minimize risks of today and tomorrow.

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Over the past two decades as Nater Associates Ltd. I took on difficult projects working with small, medium and large private, public and nonproft organizations.

Most of the organizations I worke with have a track record of success and proactive engagement and  wanted to increase their performance, improve, enhance or change their posture.

For some that means either taking small steps, comprehensive steps or moving in a different direction. Others may need to implement new strategy and tactics and change how they run their programs. Here is how I helped some Clients get where they wanted to go. I avoid the one size fits all.

Some Security Consulting Solutions My Clients Have Experienced

  • helped a Atlanta, GA based firm to design a cost effective eLearning turnkey computer-based workplace violence prevention training solution that integrates with the client’s learning management system.
  • worked with a major North Carolina utility firm with operations in 3 states design and deliver worksite and workforce-specific workplace violence prevention and active shooter training that was ultimately delivered via computer. The support included policy and procedure development.
  • was retained by South Carolina based prime contractor to conduct worksite specific assessments and delivered worksite specific workplace violence prevention, and active shooter training.
  • conducted a workplace violence prevention assessment in developing an active shooter program.  healthcare and non-profit organizations that improved situational awareness and enhanced the value of prevention. 
  • performed a comprehensive critical vulnerability assessment and security audit of 125 USPS offices and plants on Long Island, NY that provided senior management an opportunity to review internal and external security threats to people, customers, facilities, plants and vehicles.
  • designed customized workplace violence prevention training programs for manufacturing, processing, production and educational institutions, healthcare and nonprofit organizations.
  • conducted a security assessment, delivered customized training and helped write access control, visitor management & physical security practices, policy, plans and procedures at a VA based training and education organization organization.
  • delivered a customized customer service awareness training program for security officers and Staff at a New York City Children’s Museum
  • collaborated with a national  video training firm to write storyboard for a training video on the role of security officers in preventing workplace violence.
  • introduced risk mitigation measures that helped nullify gaps in offices, buildings, vehicles and personnel security operations at the healthcare insurance provider resulting from conducting 11 safety – security assessments in NYC & Westchester County, NY.
  • increased operational awareness and procedures organization-wide by partnering with a major defense contractor to deliver corporate mail-room security and mail handling training.
  • currently working with a midsize beverage processing and distribution center on New Jersey in support of their workplace violence prevention policy and annual leadership training.
  • worked with a NYC based employer to assess and evaluate workplace violence related incidents in NY and DC.
  • helped a major prime contractor write a handbook on workplace violence prevention guidelines.
  • led and facilitated presentations and panels on national, regional and local conferences, seminars and simulation exercises on workplace violence prevention & active shooter violence response. 
  • assessed and evaluate the workplace violence prevention – security posture of pharmaceutical, medical warehouse and educational employers and helped roll out workplace violence prevention and violence response [active shooter] policy, plans, procedures and training.

These Clients were all outcome focused and results oriented. Imagine how more successful you can be by helping your organization achieve long-lasting results!