Strategy in Preventing Workplace Violence

“In the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, I undertook with my management team to ensure that in the highly unlikely but potentially catastrophic incident of an active shooter at my workplace, that my 120 employees would be protected. Problem: we had no idea how to go about it. We found Felix’s resume and asked him to come talk to us. Among the consultants we sourced at the time, Felix stood out for his quick attention, passion about the subject, and for the depth of his knowledge”. Marie Acacia, Alere, Human Resources


Employers know that workplace violence is a serious workplace security concern they take seriously.  I am prepared to meet that commitment in an effective and efficient manner.  To achieve the commitment, I show them the value of employing a workplace violence prevention approach that results in the integration, collaboration and coordination of effort through an ongoing process that involves multiple intervention strategies, management commitment and workforce involvement. I help employers achieve their workplace violence prevention objectives by dismantling communication silos and dispelling critical myths that contribute to the thinking that “Workplace Violence is not preventable and it won’t happen here“.

Myth: Workplace Violence Can’t Happen Here

Unfortunately, incidents and attitudes that lead to workplace violence are a reality found in most workplaces. Preventing workplace violence requires a proactive, ongoing process owned by both management and the workforce. The thought that it can’t happen here is a myth. Fortunately, viable prevention measures can be designed to confront the threat of physical violence before it happens. Through my  Violence Interdiction Model we can enjoy a versatile robust, agile and proactive (RAP) workplace violence prevention strategy companies can implement to promote an integrated, collaborated and coordinated early warning prevention system.

Just because companies may not always have so called needed resources to deploy a dedicated prevention or threat assessment team as part of an ongoing, formal workplace violence prevention initiative doesn’t mean limited resources can’t be effective. Regardless of the real or perceived limitations, my approach to workplace violence prevention relies on the violence interdiction model of integration, collaboration, coordinate, communication, training, technology, leadership and execution as a part of a combined company or organizational prevention response.  These concepts are a proven success appropriate in all workplace alignments, simply because it focuses all company resources on the actual point of need.

For every company, this basic point of need will vary, depending upon industry, size, and culture of the business. The violence interdiction process will help diagnose the needs of your company, implement a new approach or reinforce existing policies, plans and procedures. In the end, the outcome is a safer and secure workplace for the workforce, visitors, vendors and others in your workplaces.

I Commit To Your Success

Your investment in me translates to my commitment in developing your organization’s capabilities to effectively manage your situations long after Nater Associates, Ltd. has departed. Waiting and hoping are not options. Waiting is the fuel that ignites  the problem. Being proactive instead of reactive means being prepared NOW.  The  benefits of having a robust, agile and proactive strategy can be derived from  the Violence Interdiction Method™.

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