What People are Saying…

  • “Felix was not only a great communicator with our client but also insightful on how the average worker could understand workplace security concerns and their role in preventing and mitigating these risks. Felix could take advanced concepts and provide useful stories for the employees to understand.”

  • Mark Schreiber, CPP, CPD President, Principal Consultant -- Safeguards Consulting, Inc.
  • I hit a home run when I chose Felix as a business partner and we hired him as our consultant. From start to finish I was never disappointed.

    Felix and I recently collaborated on a comprehensive workplace violence prevention video training project. The project was unique and set a precedent on how workplace violence prevention training should be developed. Training modules emphasized awareness and avoidance to hostile situations as opposed to the common knee jerk response mentality most consultants and organizations tend to embrace.

    Felix was successful in communicating to stakeholders and creating productive teams because he listens. He learns the organizations culture and operational environment and uses that information to draw sound and effective procedures. He understands what works best for his client.

    Felix was very attentive when working within our budget parameters. He treated fiscal responsibility seriously. His dedication to the project and passion for the subject matter was more important than raising fees or amending contracts. Felix delivers on his promises and stands behind his contract agreements.

    Felix goes out of his way to deliver a quality product and to make sure the client is satisfied with the results. Felix is responsive to questions and concerns and never showed frustration during contested situations or project constraints because he was focused on getting it right.
  • Gary Thompson, Security Director --
  • I wanted to give some feedback on Felix Nater. I met Felix a few years back. I was introduced to him as a consultant hired to work on a security project. We worked closely together over the next few months and with his strong knowledge in this field, we developed an amazing, robust Workplace Violence Prevention Program. After helping write and develop this program, he spent time teaching everyone. It included an Active Shooter/Hostile Intruder/Safe Harbor Room Simulation Exercise. Years later this program is still outstanding and is presented to all new hired staff. I feel safe knowing that the employees in the organization are protected with the steps we have in place.

    Felix is an effective communicator and a consummate professional. He knows what he is talking about. Felix will tackle the difficult subjects that no one wants to talk about. He will “tell it like it is” to C-suite folks that need to understand. He comes prepared, with years of experience. He has practical solutions to age old Human Resources and Security related issues. I trust him with my life and the lives of my co-workers.

    On a personal note, Felix is genuine and easy to talk to. He is one of the most respectful and honest men, I have ever met. To this day, we still discuss Workplace Violence Prevention and other related issues we read about in the news. If you are even considering a security project, I urge you to give Felix a call. You will see from his first few words you are in amazing hands.
  • Buck Blackburn -- Graduate Management Admission Council
  • I had invited Felix to our Networking Group to be our speaker during one of our regular meetings. Personally, I was very impressed by his knowledge and his style of expression during his presentation. The information conveyed was well received. Several other members within my group were very pleased with his presentation and the thoughts he shared. It caused them to think about employee safety within their perspective workplaces and to realize it could happen anywhere and to anyone! Thank Felix for sharing your expertise!!!
  • David Cooper -- Cooper & Associates
  • If you are fortunate enough to secure Felix Nater’s services as a consultant or advisor, you will get far more than just a professional security consultant. As a experienced security professional myself, Felix is a very personable individual whose passion and desire to serve and protect coupled with his active listening skills will equate to a quality program designed just for you. When you invest in Felix his investment in you and your organization he exceeds your expectations. Having seen Felix in action on several occasions, you will not be disappointed. Felix has the right blend of government, private sector and military background to have an understanding on multiple fronts. If you seeking a professional first rate workplace violence consultant and advisor, look no further. You found him with Felix.
  • William Losefsky -- Penn State Health
  • "The first thing we need to do is define security. There is not a “universally accepted definition.” Security is a hybrid profession blending various skills, backgrounds, and preparation. Security professionals have varying perspectives, often because of the unique degree of specialization required in their current assignment. Security provides those means, active or passive, which serve to protect and preserve an environment that allows for the conduct of activities within the organization or society without disruption. There is a lot more than just looking at your doors, windows and locks or alarm systems to figuring out what security measures are needed to protect your office, school, institution, or agency. The primary goal is to prevent loss of life by reviewing your liabilities on security issues and reducing or eliminating them. Planning is required since it is an approach that recommends identifying and stopping a problem before it occurs, reducing hazards in given situations, and of forecasting rather than reacting to circumstances. Competent security consultants know what to look for when identifying security issues and know how to properly mitigate the conditions through cost effective reductions/eliminations. After careful evaluation, it may make sense to use a security consultant to get the best security/cost value proposition you can; think of the expense as an investment for the future.

    I recommend without any hesitation Felix P. Nater for all you’re Security Consultant requirements. Mr. Felix Nater has high integrity, expert detailed knowledge and provides great results time and time again. Mr. Felix Nater is truly the best in the industry!"
  • Victor Hayghe -- Affinity Health Plan
  • I first met Felix Nater at my first annual conference of the International Association of Professional Security Consultant in 2006. I knew then he was someone I would enjoy working with and have had the pleasure of his counsel and friendship over the years. Though Felix was our Workplace Violence guru, he was known for his depth and appreciation for a plethora of workplace security issues. As our subcontractor, he was the best as a partner. Once Felix signed on board as our subcontractor the relationship was seamless. Even though I always introduced him as the President of Nater Associates, he was always focused on protecting my Client's investment in Quintech. He placed higher value on the Quintech Brand than on promoting his business. In the end, Felix really promoted his Brand. It's a Brand centered on selfless service, personal and business integrity, reliability, dependability, and trustworthiness. His participation raised the level and performance of my employees as much as he motivated and inspired my Client's employees. I continue to subcontract projects to him simply because he's my strategic partner and friend. I could never see Quintech Security Consultants doing any human resources security project without Felix at our side. He is a well-rounded trusted advisor in the finest tradition of a Sergeant Major. I'd recommend Felix "Phil" Nater any time.
  • Harold Gillens -- Quintech Solutions, Inc.
  • I have hired Felix repeatedly to handle highly sensitive security situations and he resolved each and every one flawlessly and with the highest integrity. I would not hesitate a second to hire Felix again and I strongly recommend him and his work to others.
  • Mark S. Dailey -- Superior Glacier, Inc.
  • I have known Felix for over 6 years. Felix is an expert in the area of security consulting having a deep and detailed knowledge of the security industry. As the President of Nater Associates, you will find his work to be stellar and on point. He thinks outside the box and offers solutions that work.

    Felix delivers cost effective applications that will truly enhance any organization. I strongly recommend Felix and attest to his professionalism with no reservations whatsoever.
  • Lisa Dolan -- Securit
  • I have known Felix Nater, professionally, for many years through various networking groups we both belong to. I have always enjoyed his discussions and overall knowledge of the business community and his overall philosophy on life. When my company was suffering with some issues in our warehouse, related to unruly workers, it was only fitting that we called on Felix to help us with our investigation into some of the issues that have occurred. After said investigations were complete we decided to offer a full company training to our over 250 employees about workplace violence. The overall feedback was outstanding.

    The manager's learned their role and responsibility as it related to situations in the warehouse. The staffs not only learned their role as it related to work related issues, but were also treated to an awesome seminar on information regarding various different situations related to personal safety. I would always recommend Felix for any investigation or training on workplace violence or safety you are planning to have. We plan on continuing to use his services in the future
  • Daniel Stieglitz -- CAS Worldwide
  • Once in a very great while we are fortunate enough to meet someone that sets the "Gold Standard" in an industry. Felix Nater far exceeds that standard, there is no one that compares to his expertise and grasp of "Workplace Violence" as it affects us today. I have worked with Felix on various matters and I am always impressed with his ability to educate, inform and assist his clients. Felix has the innate ability to defuse a potentially explosive situation and to procure a safe and sound resolution to any scenario. I highly recommend Nater & associates as an integral component of any employee driven business. Where "... chance favors only the prepared minds" (Pasteur), Nater & Associates eliminates chance!
  • Bill Golodner -- Golodner Investigations, Inc.
  • In the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, I undertook with my management team to ensure that in the highly unlikely but potentially catastrophic incident of an active shooter at my workplace, that my 120 employees would be protected. Problem: we had no idea how to go about it. We found Felix's resume and asked him to come talk to us. Among the consultants we sourced at the time, Felix stood out for his quick attention, passion about the subject, and for the depth of his knowledge.

    Felix did us an amazing service. He is deeply knowledgeable about safety and best practices and has a wealth of materials to draw from. He walked with us through the site and made many suggestions for tightening our security procedures, for improving the physical security of our plant, and for changing the mindset of our people. With his help we made the physical changes to the site and designed an entire safety program around keeping people safe.

    Felix has a very practical approach which can be easily adapted to different kinds of workplaces. His personal attention made working with him easy. And I learned so much from him via his structured training, his comprehensive report to us with his findings and recommendations, and his willingness to answer our incidental questions thoroughly.

    I highly recommend Felix to anyone looking to institute or improve their safe practices at their workplace.
  • Marie Acacia -- Alere
  • I, too, am saddened that our time together went so quickly but I do want you to know that our business relationship and our friendship will last for many years to come. Your presentation about Violence in the Work Place and an Active Shooter/Hostile Intruder was received with a great deal of enthusiasm by the entire New York Eye & Ear Infirmary staff. Your unique training technique and professionalism held everyone in attendance spellbound. They held on to every word of this vital and informative subject. Their accolades are still being echoed throughout the corridors of the Infirmary. I cannot remember when anyone else had ever been so revered and welcomed as you. Your ability to captivate the audience and instill in them the realism of tragic events that can happen as a result of such violence, which occurs almost every day all over the world, is a testimonial to your skills as a compelling communicator.

    Please accept my heartfelt thanks for a job well done. I look forward to our next challenge and working with you in our next endeavor.
  • Joseph A. DeMarco -- New York Eye & Ear Infirmary
  • Once again I want to thank you on behalf of the Graduate Management Administration Council for your impactful contributions to our security programs and in particular, our employee safety programs. As the Chief Security Officer for GMAC, I was extremely impressed with your knowledge, ability to assess and design solutions that fit our corporate culture, creativity and unrelenting commitment to customer service. When I think about where we started and where we are today, our organizational maturity in this space has grown in leaps and bounds thanks in a large part to your wisdom and dedication. Following are highlights of your contributions I want to call out:

    • Proven best practices, based on many years of experience, that became the basis of our programs.

    • Your genuine desire to improve our employees' safety in the workplace.

    • Continuous, effective communications with all stakeholders throughout the process.

    • Significant learning for all of our employee base, be they individuals with safety-based roles or general employees who now know how to respond should we experience a threat in the workplace.

    • Well thought out, tested and documented procedures for our organization.

    • An incredibly effective live exercise that opened our employees' eyes; educated them on their responsibilities should an event occur; gave them an opportunity to ask questions and contribute ideas; gave them a sense of comfort knowing our organization has taken significant steps to provide them with a safe working environment.

  • Bob Rosecrans, CIO/CSO -- Graduate Management Administration Council
  • We were delighted to have Felix Nater speak to all staff this week about how to deal with potential threats in our workplace. We work with children and so this topic was very important to all staff. Mr. Nater showed his many years of experience through no nonsense, down to earth, simple and effective communication that wasn’t always intuitive. I was so glad that Mr. Nater explained how simple statements most people use in heated situations can really backfire and escalate instead of deescalate. Thank you for providing very simple and important phrases and an approach to calm people in tough situations
  • Sharon Luby -- Los Ninos
  • Your presentation about Violence in the Work Place and an Active Shooter/Hostile Intruder held everyone in attendance spellbound. Your ability to captivate the audience and educate them with the knowledge to prevent tragic events that can happen as a result of such violence, which occurs almost every day all over the world, is a testimonial to your skills as a compelling communicator
  • Joseph DeMarco -- NY Eye and Ear Infirmary
  • Thank you for your assistance with the investigation and the workshops. I truly value your opinions and recommendations. I told Robb just yesterday how impressive, professional , and good you are at what you do. You are an excellent judge of character and as honest and fair as can be. I look forward to working with you as I always walk away from these assignments learning something valuable form you. I thank you for that.
  • John J. Longa -- Fedway Associates, Inc.
  • Mr. Nater is a talented and versatile trainer with a plethora of expertise in conflict management and prevention. Staff thoroughly enjoyed learning from and working with Mr. Nater and gained an excellent set of skills that have been quickly put into practice. We benefited greatly from his energy, generosity of spirit, and deep expertise on these issues.
  • Erika Strong, Project Analyst -- Common Justice
  • As the Security Director of one of the major pharmaceutical companies in the world, we had the option to hire virtually any Security Consulting firm in the U.S. to assist us in the development of a Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Program. We interviewed many firms both large and small but settled on Nater Associates. This was primarily due to the "personal" touch offered by Nater Associates' President, Mr. Felix Nater.

    Mr. Nater developed training modules to our specification and delivered the training in a manner described by my superior as "the best he had ever seen."

    From the start Mr. Nater listened to our concerns, was considerate of our company culture, tailored his approach to what "we" wanted as an end product, and ultimately delivered beyond our expectations. Mr. Nater
    personally attended meetings and bolstered the credibility of our argument to initially resistant executives, and he worked with individual members of our security department to ensure all objectives were accomplished.

    Our final product, due principally to Mr. Nater's consul, was well received by management and all employees and has been operational for more than 6 months now without issue. Our investment in Nater Associates has been fully recouped with dividends to come for the foreseeable future !

    Thanks Felix !
  • Marvin Washington -- Security Director, U.S. Sites
  • Felix: Thank you so much for speaking at our meeting Thursday night, September 9, 2011. We really enjoyed it. You are a fantastic speaker. I was told to expect a great presentation, but it was better than what I had even anticipated. You bring such life to the subject.
  • Sherae Ayala-Watkins -- Affinity Health Plan
  • Felix: Thank you so much for speaking at our meeting Thursday night, September 9, 2011. We really enjoyed it. You are a fantastic speaker. I was told to expect a great presentation, but it was better than what I had even anticipated. You bring such life to the subject.
  • Theresa Balfe -- President, ALDONYS
  • The Center for Development of Human Services has worked with Mr. Nater for many years. He is reliable, consistent and the safety training is well received. Our evaluations and participant response questionnaires are always excellent. I highly recommend Nater Associates.
  • Jere Wrightsman -- Field Based Staff Director, SUNY Center For Development of Human Services
  • Your keynote presentation at our annual background screening user’s conference was rated the best by the attendees. The evaluations rate your knowledge and delivery of the material as excellent and interesting. I enjoyed working with you because of your flexibility and desire to deliver exactly what we felt the attendees would find informative
  • Rachel Trindade -- Director of Pre-Sales Support, Hire Right Inc
  • Thank you for such a good job! I am sure you can understand how nervous we were bringing someone in that we did not know at all. But, you did meet and exceed my expectations. It was obvious that you did your homework on the MHA. The evaluations captured your training as the best day they had been to in years. One employee actually called the CEO and told her that you were extremely helpful and the presentation was very impressive
  • Liz Chluz -- Executive Director, Mental Health Association of Ulster County
  • Since coming to our organization and learning of our struggle, you have gone above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Anonymous -- Operations Manager, The Ronald McDonald House of Long Island
  • I would like to thank you for the excellent presentation on Workplace Violence Prevention and Awareness. The program was very well received by the attendees. A very impressive 96% of those who completed the meeting evaluation rated your presentation as excellent or very good, well prepared, excellent content and delivery, very informative and useful information
  • Barbara Aimone -- Past President, Mid-Hudson Valley Chapter of Society for Human Resource Management
  • Felix, when we invited you to speak before our group of Staff and Managers, we were excited having you because your reputation exceeded you. But when you began presenting the material on Managing Conflict to Avoid Escalation, it was exactly what we were looking for.
  • Jessica Swisky -- CEO, Abilities, Inc.
  • Since our training this past September, we have had 3 different incidents or so that could have become something serious, but because of your training, we were able to handle the situations in a more effective manner. In one case we had to let an employee go because he displayed all of the “Warning Signs” you told us to be aware of. The employee left without incident. Once again, your training was greatly appreciated
  • Jennifer Miller -- HR, Bunn-O-Matic
  • I enjoyed delivering the Workplace Violence – Business Continuity Presentation with you at the National Contingency Planning Manager’ Conference in Orlando this past November. All of the comments were excellent, in fact they thought we worked well together.
  • Ted Brown -- CEO, KETCHConsultng
  • Felix brings true value to any organization through his consultations…Felix has that focus and along with his passionate vision provides a great dynamic to any risk assessment team. His comprehensive approach will improve the culture within your organization and help create better policies for future security challenges. I fully recommend Felix to any organization seeking to strengthen their core corporate values.
  • Anonymous -- Operations Manager, Superior Glacier
  • Once in a very great while we are fortunate enough to meet someone that sets the "Gold Standard" in an industry. Felix Nater far exceeds that standard, there is no one that compares to his expertise and grasp of "Workplace Violence" as it affects us today. Felix is the consummate professional. I have recommended him on numerous occasions and each time has been thanked for it.
  • William Golodner -- Owner Golodner Group/Kindershield Agency
  • Thanks you very much for your response to my LinkedIn questions. I've incorporated your ideas into an overall new hire training performance policy.
  • Anonymous -- Training Director, Fortune 500 Company
  • Felix is an expert. He thinks outside the box and offers solutions that work. Felix delivers cost effective applications that will truly enhance any organization. I strongly recommend Felix and attest to his professionalism with no reservations whatsoever.
  • Lisa Dolan -- President- Owner, Secur-It
  • Thank you for an outstanding program. Your training team and your leadership exceeded our expectations
  • Dominic Phillip -- Security Director, Frick Collection
  • Your dedication to working toward a safe and secure work environment is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your passion with us
  • Susan Holbrook -- Director of Human Resources, Dominican Village
  • Phil has provided high quality training at our quarterly meetings designed to demonstrate everyone's role in securing and maintaining a safe work environment. His thorough physical reviews of our installations clearly demonstrate that we didn't have to "throw money" at security. Educating our managers and employees was the integral component in creating and maintaining a secure work environment.
  • Tom Rosati -- District Manager / Executive-in-Charge, USPS
  • Not only do I consider myself extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to work with what I consider the best Violence Interdiction Inspector in the profession, but I believe our success in addressing work sites at risk was dramatically improved due to the ability to work side by side with someone of your high caliber of professionalism and expertise.
  • Linda Morelli -- Workplace Improvement Analyst, USPS
  • Phil proved to be a natural mentor. Since the nature of the business is learning as you go, his patience was challenged during the early stages of our professional relationship. However, this was never obvious from his demeanor. He was always responsive to our needs and was always willing to help develop the skills of the managers assigned to his team Phil's highly effective interpersonal skills helped to make the crisis management team a cohesive unit.
  • Andrew J. Moresco -- Manager, Human Resources, USPS
  • Your commitment to soldiers; your leadership through superb example; your dedication to the ideals of the United States, the Army Reserve and the NCO creed; and your extraordinary commitment to meeting the demanding challenges of your role all exemplify the best that a citizen soldier can be.
  • Richard S. Colt -- Colnel, US Army Regional Support Command
  • We certainly appreciate the terrific job you did discussing the various mail fraud schemes. It not only helps consumers avoid mail fraud, but legitimate mail order companies that suffer whenever a consumer has a bad experience with an unscrupulous operator.
  • Tanya Matthews Edmond -- Special Events / PR Coordinator, Special Olympics - District of Columbia
  • We certainly appreciate the terrific job you did discussing the various mail fraud schemes. It not only helps consumers avoid mail fraud, but legitimate mail order companies that suffer whenever a consumer has a bad experience with an unscrupulous operator.
  • Dianne Skeltis Ward -- Director, Public Affairs, Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.
  • You represent the highest degree of professional expertise in the United States postal system. Because of this, I'm writing a letter to President Reagan, so that he is aware of your fine work.
  • Alfred T. Whitehead II --
  • Although I have only recently become Director of the FBI, I have quickly learned of the invaluable service individuals such as you have provided to the FBI.
  • William Sessions -- FBI Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Inspector Nater has very effectively supervised the joint Postal Service - Secret Service Task Force conducting the investigation and that his wide-ranging investigatory and interpersonal skills have been crucial to the continuing success of this investigation.
  • Kate Pressman -- Assistant US Attorney, Southern District of NY
  • Mr. Nater's presentation was outstanding. It was apparent from his knowledge of the subject matter that he has a profound personal interest in suppressing violence in the workplace. He is a credit to the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Peter P. Disturco -- Chairman, NY Federal Executive Board
  • The identification and arrest of the violators involved is of significant importance and a fine accomplishment for those Inspectors assigned to the investigation. Please extend my congratulations along with those of the Chief Inspector, to Task Force Leader Nater and each Inspector involved in the investigation, for a job well done.
  • R. L. Whitney -- Regional Chief Inspector, US Postal Service
  • Your many accomplishments and contributions to the Inspection Service as well as the Postal Service have brought praise and recognition to you. It is well known that Postal Service management has relied upon you for assistance in the Violence Interdiction Program in Long Island and Queens, where your reputation has become legendary.
  • K.C. Weaver -- Chief Postal Inspector, US Postal Service
  • It was a pleasure reading the attached letter of commendation from Postmaster John Alleva. Your assistance was instrumental in the removal of a dangerous postal employee after the arbitration process. This effort reflects favorably on the New York Division
  • L. R. Heath -- Inspector in Charge, US Postal Service
  • The effort and professionalism that Inspector Nater puts into his work is a credit to the Postal Service. I have had several instances in my career where Inspector Nater has been involved and each time I said to myself, this guy is really good!
  • Lee Heath -- US Postal Service
  • Mr. Nater is a true professional who presented a most positive image of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, while also providing a valuable educational experience for each of the class members.
  • Frank Citera -- US Postal Service
  • When we asked Felix to design and deliver a customized training program for our museum security officers, I had all the confidence in his ability to design exactly what we needed. His presentation of his approach demonstrated a keen sense of awareness, insight and that he did his homework. The training was well received and has begun to show measurable results already.
  • Robert Smith -- Security Manager, New York Hall of Science