Articles & Resources

Below are a few trusted resources I refer to in my work. The list is updated periodically. I recommend them highly in hopes that they will prove to be as useful to you as they have been to me.

Association of Threat Assessment Professionals

American Society of Safety Engineers

Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence Website

Hostile Work Environment (

International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety

Internet Security and the Disgruntled Employee -The New Emerging Threat

The Leper in the Room: Workplace Violence: Women in Business

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

PowerPoint on “Domestic Violence Managing and Preventing a Workplace Spillover Incident”

Society for Human Resource Management

US Department of Justice, Special Report: Workplace Violence 1993-2009

Your Biggest Risk Is Disgruntled Insider

DOD Internal Review of the WNY Shooting – 20 Nov 2013

Independent Review of the WNY Shooting – 14 Nov 2013

Secretary of Defense Recommendation on WNYR

SECNAV Endorsement – WNY – JAGMAN 12 Nov 2014