Felix P. Nater, Workplace Violence Security ExpertFelix P. Nater, President and Owner of Nater Associates, Ltd. is a human resource security management consultant that helps manufacturing, processing, production and utility companies implement and manage workplace security strategy with a focus on workplace violence prevention.  I coach leaders and train workforces on how best to combat the threat of workplace violence through high-level advice, assistance in the development of an organizational response involving intervention strategies including f policy, plans, and training solutions. I know how to roll my sleeves up, collaborate with the experts, coordinate the effort and resources, and communicate with your leadership team to create the right outcomes. This something I have been doing over the last thirty years.

Mr. Nater is a nationally recognized highly skilled Workplace Violence Prevention Advisor & Consultant retired from federal law enforcement with 3 decades of federal law enforcement, investigative, program management and security experiences as a United States Postal Inspector, Special Investigator and Postal Police Officer and security management consultant.

Between August 1992 and February 2001, Mr. Nater devoted his expertise and experiences to the Prevention and Interdiction of Workplace Violence for the Postal Service on Queens and Long Island, New York. Awarded the Certified Security Consultant certification in 2006 by the International Association of Professional Security Consultant (IAPSC) brings that level of exposure as an independent security management consultant, helping employers understand their roles. Mr. Nater is also a retired Army Reserve Sergeant Major, serving as the Command Sergeant Major of a major Army Reserve Command in his last assignment rising through the ranks before retirement.

During his Postal Inspector career Mr. Nater held various positions of responsibility as a task force leader, program manager, trainer, firearms instructor, and threat management coordinator. His field assignments included mail theft, burglary, armed robbery, and violent crime investigations. Mr. Nater has held diversified positions at the national and regional levels as a program manager for training, recruitment and public information and task force leader of the Universal Postmaster Union’s Security Team.

Mr. Nater has conducted hundreds of incident investigations & threat assessments, consulted with & advised senior U.S. Postal Service management on implementation strategy & risk abatement measures, rendered formal reports, testified in Arbitration, EEOC and Merit Systems Protection Board Proceedings & civil and criminal court cases relative to workplace violence matters.

Over the past two decades, Felix matured his Robust, Agile, Proactive / Violence Interdiction Model™ (AP/VI) centered on Board Level, C-Suite and Senior Management commitment and accountability, integrating a suite of innovative sustainable cost-effective strategies and interventions based on integration, collaboration, and coordination of the effort, designed to deliver customized services that leverage client’s efforts and resources. The VIM model takes advantage of functional resources in creating a cultural organizational response. The objective of which is to integrate all aspects of human resources in bringing to bear organizational integration of resources, efforts and plans in a coordinated and collective strategy to manage and reduce the threat and risk of preventable incidents of workplace violence by enhancing workplace security awareness.

Some of the products and services offered include security vulnerability assessments and audits, workplace violence prevention assessments, security awareness, training & seminars, incident assessment and litigation support, expert witness, executive presentations, conference speaking engagements, program management and advisory services. He has consulted with and trained employees on Aspects of Workplace Violence at the local, state, and federal governments, small, midsize, and large companies, and non-for-profit businesses. He has an established virtual practice that attracts interest across the country.

Felix relies on his solid situational experiences and expertise to deliver client-centered management consulting services in addressing a client’s unique needs. He accomplishes this unique consulting approach by developing worksite specific strategies that help manage and reduce the threat of violence by increasing organizational commitment, creating cross functional alignment, workplace security awareness, helping clients assess worksite specific situations, identifying potential contributing conditions and factors that place employees at risk, assisting in workplace violence assessments to identify gaps in program management, determine culpability and implementing get well strategies that supports the clients plans.

Mr. Nater has consulted with Client organizations to design workplace violence and active shooter policy, plans and procedures, designed customized active shooter/hostile intruder video, designed a 6 module eLearning training program and presented worksite specific customized training programs that included workplace violence prevention, active shooter/hostile intruder violence response and safe harbor room procedures, visitor management, access control, risk mitigation, role of security officers in workplace violence prevention, and front desk reception security.

He was an Adjunct Instructor at Hofstra University where he worked with the Continuing Education Department conducting instructions on relative Security in Business Topics. He has been a Guest Instructor at the Long Island University, Farmingdale University and Briarcliff College. He has delivered workshops at the various National Student Safety & Security Conferences, around the United States, a keynote speaker and presenter at various law enforcement, safety and security groups and private organizations on workplace violence prevention and business continuity topics. He has led discussion groups and roundtables on workplace violence, business continuity and contingency management.

Mr. Nater has demonstrated diversified experiences and expertise in a variety of projects and has been recently involved in:

  • designing and delivering a turnkey eLearning workplace violence prevention solution for a services company in Atlanta, GA.
  • delivering customized workplace violence prevention and violence response worksite specific training to a South Carolina based utility firm.
  • delivering computer based and worksite specific workplace violence prevention and violence response training for a Carolinas based utility provider over 3 states.
  • Helping a major New Jersey based pharmaceutical company develop & implement workplace violence response plans, procedures training for their senior security leaders.
  • Helping assess and review the physical security posture of a Virginia based certification firm resulting in the implementation of workplace security & violence prevention measures, new policy, procedures, and plans.
  • delivering customized workplace violence prevention, violence response and safe harbor training to their overseas satellite offices via televised broadcast for a Virginia based company.
  • completing a comprehensive Critical Vulnerability Threat Assessment and Security Audit of 125 Post Offices and Plants for the U.S. Postal Service, Long Island, NY
  • conducting a workplace violence prevention security assessment for New Jersey based pharmaceutical warehouse and production operations resulting in major enhancements.
  • partnering with a South Carolina based-prime security contractor to review school security measures and conducting risk mitigation, visitor management & access control training.
  • conducting a workplace security assessment and risk mitigation training for a New York City based healthcare insurance provider at 11 field offices.
  • conducting a workplace security assessment of security operations and delivering customer service training for security officers and customer service employees at a New York City based children’s museum
  • designing and delivering a corporate mailroom security and mail handling operations training program for a major New York City based defense contractor.
  • conducting ongoing incident, threat assessments and risk management services for a midsize New Jersey based processing plant
  • providing ongoing long-term project management and litigation support services for a midsize New York City based document reproduction firm.
  • collaborating with a national video training production firm to design & develop course content and storyboard for a security officer.
  • collaborating with a Pennsylvania based major prime contractor in the writing of Workplace Violence Prevention Guidelines for a New York State union organization.

He is a published writer and a contributing author, written numerous articles published in nationally recognized publications, which reach a global audience of professional security, facility, and human resources providers and been interviewed for numerous articles. He has led numerous webinar sessions, spoken at numerous national and regional conferences, facilitated forums and discussions groups on workplace violence, workplace security and business continuity and contingency management.

He has appeared or aired on CNN, New York One, ABC Business News, Channel 9, Long Island News, History Channel (Scripted Security program that never aired), WLIE/540 AM, WSOC New, Charlotte, NC, WBTV, Charlotte, NC related to workplace violence, workplace security, active shooter and letter and bomb security.

He has held office and title in numerous organizations. Currently, he is Secretary for the Carolinas Chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants, (IMC) Greensboro, North Carolina and past Member of the Island Trees High School Business to School Partnership committee, Board of Advisor and Board Member to the Homeland Intelligence Technologies, Inc., Hispanic American Police Command Officers HAPCO (New York), Franklin Medical Center Community Board, the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island, International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC) and the Nassau County Police Explorer’s Council, and Past President of the Greater New York – Statue of Liberty Chapter (AUSA) Past President of the North East Chapter of the Association of Threat Assessment Professional (ATAP) & Chair of the New York City Area Committee for the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) for the Department of Defense.

He is the recipient of the Long Island Works Coalition 2005 Small Business Leadership Award, nominated by International Facility Management Association (IFMA) 2007 Best Small Business Category and in 2009 and was awarded the School – Business Partnership of Long Island. He served as a mentor at the Island Trees High School’s Business to School Partnership.

Felix is married to the beautiful Elizabeth Jackson Nater and they have 6 children between them. His eldest is a Vice Principal in the NYC School System and his youngest is an 18-year-old college freshman attending Fayetteville State University, North Carolina studying forensic science – biology degree.